Chic adobe

A chic dwelling-unit for a young & vibrant couple. Pure geometry with clean surfaces add a simple, minimal yet appealing vide to the space. Thoughtful addition of colors at certain spots adds the desired vibrance.

This Jhula adds playfulness to the conventional seating style of a drawing room overlooking the beautiful lake. Also acts as an interactive divider between drawing & dining. The hand painted wall art adds a touch of artistic vibrance to this wall, which holds a bunch of fond memories in greyscale in the center. This balances well with a relatively structured wall in front that plays with monotone textures.

A bunch of hand painted rendition of fresh blooms makes the kid’s bedroom a little whimsical & the space much more lively. Pastel and subtle with adequate detailing. The design of the master bedroom reflects the peace of mind after a heavy day of work.

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